Pooja Sengupta

Education : Ph.D. / Fellowship Programme from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

Designation : Associate Professor - Management Information Systems and Analytics

About Pooja Sengupta

I have received my bachelor’s degree, B.Sc. Statistics (honours) and MSc in Statistics from the University of Calcutta and joined the Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA in 2010 to pursue my PhD in Computational and Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics. There I also received an MS in Computational and Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics. My research interests lie in inflated discrete distributions, multivariate discrete distributions, generalized linear models, longitudinal data analysis. While in the US I have taught courses in Statistics and Probability. I have worked as a lecturer at West Bengal State University, Department of Statistics; where I have taught post graduate course in Statistics such as linear algebra, linear model, regression analysis, statistical computation using R and designs of experiment. I have presented research papers at different prestigious conferences, the most recent one is the International Indian Statistical Association, 2014 conference at Riverside, California. I am also the recipient of the “Best student paper presentation” award at the 2014 conference of Virginia Academy of Science Chapter, American Statistical Association. I am currently also involved in a UGC project funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development where I am the content writer of two papers in the Statistics post-graduate curriculum.

  • Business Statistics
  • Data Analytics
  • Research Methodology II
Peer Reviewed Journal Articles
  • Examining the determinants of the count of customer reviews in peer-to-peer home-sharing platforms using clustering and count regression techniques,Baidyanath Biswas, Pooja Sengupta, and Dwaipayan Chatterjee, Decision Support Systems,2020 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.dss.2020.113324
  • Bivariate doubly inflated Poisson models with applications, Pooja Sengupta, N. Rao Chaganty, R T Sabo,   Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice, 2016, 10 (1), 202-215.
  • Doubly inflated Poisson model using Gaussian copula, S Sen, Pooja Sengupta, N Diawara, Communications in Statistics-Theory and Methods, 2018, 47 (12), 2848-2858.
  • Multivariate Poisson regression using Gaussian copula, Ishapathik Das, Sumen Sen, Pooja Sengupta and Prof. N. Rao Chaganty. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 2019, DOI: 10.1080/00949655.2019.1625051.
  • An Alternative Analysis of Scale Data: A Marketing Application, Pooja Sengupta, HR Chaudhuri, Global Business Review, 2017, 18 (1), 163-180.
  • Exploration of Relationship between FDI and GDP: A Comparison between India and Its Neighbouring Countries, Pooja Sengupta, R Puri, Global Business Review, 2020, 21 (2), 473-489.
  • Exploring discrete choice probability in the light of distorted probability estimates, Sibnarayan Guria, and Pooja Sengupta, : Research & Reviews: Journal of Statistics and Mathematical Sciences, 2018, 4:154.
  • Analysis of product reviews in an e-commerce website: A cross-cultural study, Baidyanath Biswas, Pooja Sengupta, and Boudhayan Ganguly: Electronic Markets (Accepted; forthcoming).
  • Gender Pay Gap in India: The reality and a way forward- An empirical study using quantile regression, Puri and Pooja Sengupta. Studies in Microeconomics (Accepted; forthcoming).

Preprint in medRxiv:

  1. COVID-19 epidemic modelling and the effect of public health interventions in India- SEIQHRF model. Pooja Sengupta, Bhaswati Ganguli, Sugata SenRoy, and Aditya Chatterjee: https://t.co/hrqZf7O2qr .
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  • Presentation title- “Financial Inclusion Measurement-Searching for Alternative Index.” One-day International Conference on SMEs and Market: New Issues and Perspectives of India and UK. 22nd December 2016, Organised by Department of Commerce, University of Calcutta In Association with Nottingham University Business School, UK.
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