SAC, the student council of IMI Kolkata, is the apex body representing the students in various activities of the institute. It bridges the gap between the students and the management and coordinates the activities of clubs and committees.


Placement Committee is the corporate coordinating committee of IMI Kolkata, responsible for conducting the preplacement talks and the hiring process of the companies by coordinating with companies as well as students.


Alumni Committee is the alumni relationship management committee of IMI Kolkata, responsible for maintaining good relationship with alumni base and engaging them with the current batches on campus with various activities such as guest lectures, one to one interaction, etc.


Cultural Committee is the cultural events management committee of IMI Kolkata, responsible for conducting various events on cultural festivals by performing various activities and conducting various cultural competitions.


Sports Committee is responsible for conducting inter college and intra-college competitions and tournaments for various sports. They help in keeping up the sportsmanship in the institute by organising such competitions and sports training camps.


Student Admissions Committee act as a liaison between the MBA aspirants and the Institute. They are the first touchpoint for the potential students and address their queries on various aspects such as life at IMIK, infrastructural facilities, industry interfaces, placements, pedagogy and committee/club activities. The committee members are active on social media platforms to bridge the gap between a prospective candidate and the Institute, so that the newcomer has a good understanding about IMIK and does not feel lost in a new college.


Residential Affairs Committee (RAC) represents a group of dedicated hostelers working closely with the Residential Management Team looking after their discipline, food, cleanliness, facilities and other grievances of students.


Mudra is the economics club of IMI Kolkata, conducting various activities like quizzes and other competitions from the economical perspective, thus imparting knowledge to the students.


Bizzaffairs is the Business Affairs club of IMI Kolkata, conducting various quizzes and making students aware about happenings in the industry around the world.


Altruist is social responsibility club of IMI Kolkata. This club, as a reflection of IMI Kolkata itself believes in the principle and moral practice of concern for happiness of other human beings, resulting into the uplifting of quality of life, in terms of both spiritual and material.


I Construct is the strategy and consulting club of IMI Kolkata, responsible for making the students involved in areas like management consulting and domain focused consulting roles within organisations.


@OM is the operations Club of IMI Kolkata, looking into conceptualization and operational breakdown of the ideas by the student community and helping them with research in operational domain.


Social Media Action Response Team (SMART) is the media and branding cell of IMI Kolkata, responsible for helping the students connect with the key communities in this area of interest, pursuing their passion, and showing their personal and professional work.


FINASTRA is the finance club of IMI Kolkata, guiding the student community towards financial learning and management inclusive of both classical concepts and contempory issues like stock market stimulation.


Human Hour is the HR club of IMI Kolkata, responsible for bringing the human element more clearly in the learning picture of management. It draws students from all functional disciplines, encouraging them to develop behavioural and interpersonal skills.


Marketers is the marketing club of IMI Kolkata, responsible for taking the student community beyond the horizon of textbooks and help them gain valuable insights from real-world interactions.


Wallrush is the literary club of IMI Kolkata, bringing together all creative writers and literature fanatics in the student community and helping them be more expressive. It provides them with a suitable platform and opportunities to showcase their writings.


E-cell is the Entrepreneurship club of IMI Kolkata, guiding the innovators in the batch and giving a direction to their budding ideas by supporting them with required entrepreneurial skills building, relevant experience, brainstorming and capital generation.